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Hat Trick (Meg Harding)

Hat Trick - Meg Harding

2.5 stars

I liked the hockey team; heck, I liked the hockey team friends better than the main character: Renner, Ivan, Thor, Sasha ... they were all precious!! Nathan felt immature and whiny, and I couldn't believe that he was the captain. Basically the issue with his relationship with Felix was that both men didn't communicate and made their own assumptions about stuffs. PHOEY.

On top of that, the various sex scenes were not appealing. AND I felt that this time (I've read her other books before), Harding's writing seemed off. The time jump was distracting, the ending rushed ... Well, maybe it was just me but I felt lack of chemistry with her writing in this one. Didn't feel like her previous books, that's all.

Considering I recently finished another hockey book (Power Play) this one was way below par compared to that one.