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How to Wish Upon a Star (Eli Easton)

How to Wish Upon a Star - Eli Easton

2.75 stars rounded up

It was MEH and a big miss for me. After around half-way, I ended up skimming the book to just get to the end and moved on to other titles.

My issues were three-folds ...

One) The main narrator for this one was Jason (instead of Milo). Jason was NOT a character I liked. I didn't care if he was misunderstood maybe, I just found him cold, condescending, and at times bordering rude. I am a reader who values characters above all else -- my connection with the characters usually what makes me enjoy the book or not. In this one, I didn't really want to spend my time with Jason. I wish I had more chapters with Milo's thoughts (like I did with Roman in How to Walk Like a Man). Jason wasn't an engaging character for me, and reading his narration was a pain in my delicate tush.

Two) I might be able to forgive Jason if the story focused on the relationship built between Jason and Milo -- at least I could believe how they fell in love. Unfortunately, then the story took turn in this fight against virus, and I couldn't care less about those scientific talk, and the CASP-1, CASP-2, or CDC, blah blah. I was looking for light romance, and it didn't deliver. IT made the romance superficial for me.

Three) Like I said, I adored Milo. At the same time, because he was so "new" at being human, Milo felt very young, almost child-like innocent... so the idea of him and Jason just freaked me out. It was like reading relationship with power imbalance in terms of intellectuality and understanding on what a physical and emotional 'human' relationship entailed. Again, maybe, if the story spend more time with their relationship built (see above), I can see how Milo's thoughts developed maturely (in a sense), it will help. But at this moment, when the book ended, all I felt was discomfort

HOWEVER, I also thought Milo was too adorable, and kind, and lovely, and OH SO PRECIOUS, that I couldn't really categorize his story with my other 2* or 2.5* books. But yeah, this was a struggle and definitely my least favorite of the series.

PS: Am I also the minority who really despise Lily?!? Seriously, every time that woman appeared on my page, I just wanted to kick her out. There was caring, and a funny way of being nosy, but she was just oblivious in a BAD way, and I didn't like her nosiness.