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Power Play (Avon Gale)

Power Play  - Avon Gale

4.25 stars

This was DELIGHTFUL. Seriously, I was having so much fun reading this one. At first I was worried with the level of angst -- considering that Misha and Max's relationship started not in a very good way. I thought Max would be having trouble with Misha as part of coaching team, and Misha would be ridden with guilt.

Boy, was I glad that those DID NOT happen. Oh, Misha still had guilt -- even if the incident was not exactly his fault. But Max, oh Max, sigh ... he was just like a steamroller machine. I loved him so much, for not being hung up with the past, for making sure that the present was more important, for befriending Misha and didn't take his bullshit, for the lack of understanding about the world's GEOGRAPHY (seriously, Max, Bangkok is NOT in China!!) ... Heck, even the Ashford's family was so freaking awesome. I loved Misha in extension of my loving Max, I guess.

The characters shined through ... and the story flowed in an easy natural sense. I was grinning so much, or giggling like crazy most of the times. IT WAS REALLY, REALLY FUN!!! I even liked their playful sex scenes and didn't mind with it taking over the competition/sport part of the book. I do wish I see more hockey games though because I like some sport actions in a sport-theme/athlete romance :)

This is definitely my favorite installment so far from Scoring Chance. I loved this series so much ... and BOY, does book #4 have that potential to be explosive or what?? I cannot WAIT for that one, even if enemies-to-lovers is a tricky trope for me to like.