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The Only Option (Megan Derr)

The Only Option - Megan Derr

3.75 stars rounded up

I wish this story is made into novel-length because it would have given me more time to be with Rochus and Tilo, as well as giving their relationship to fully bloomed. Their trip to Rothenberg, for example, I would've loved to see it stretched longer. Imagine the snappy banters along the way, Rochus being grumpy, and Tilo trying to wear him down somewhat ... it would be delicious. Plus it could reduce the sort-of quick romance between them. Especially because in that last chapter, it was said that Rochus just went away for months to get the necromancer responsible, then the annulment, and then silent.

I also would've love to seen the final fight -- the fact that it was written for only several paragraphs was an anti-climax. I felt robbed the excitement of reading it :(

HAVING SAID THAT, Rochus and Tilo made me deliriously happy and sometimes it's all that matters to me. This is Megan Derr doing what she does best in her element, blending fantasy with a couple that consist of one grumpy character and a more stubborn with determination love interest. I love that combination of coupling, and it's best when the grumpy character is older than the stubborn one. I was smiling so big reading how Tilo wearing Rochus down, seducing him, and those gifts courting in the end? PRECIOUS!

... and I might be weak in the knees when the sex scenes involved a lot of teeth. I guess I might have a certain preference after all (who knew!!) *LOL*