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Slow and Steady Rush (Laura Trentham)

Slow and Steady Rush - Laura Trentham

Well, I was about ready to give this my 'just okay' stamp. I thought the romance was rather ho-hum, I struggled to be passionate towards Darcy and Robbie as a couple. I wasn't particularly excited with Robbie, I guess. I thought his secret didn't justify him to do the awful things (like being judgmental or pushing the heroine away) he did. IMHO, Darcy did most of the attempts to keep their relationship. AND, for a series with "Football" on the name, I didn't see too much football related scenes.

But there were still some parts that entertained me, the whole misunderstanding with Darcy thinking of Avery as Robbie's boyfriend made me smile (Avery was Robbie's dog, by the way). The porn movie titles that came up between Darcy and her friend Kat (I voted: Fourth and Extra Long by the way) as well. I thought Darcy's relationship with her cousin Logan was also nice.

What made this story ended up having two stars was not a consequence of those reasons written above. It had something to do with what happened to one of the teenagers here, a gay teenager named Tyler. My opinion will be rather rant-y, plus it will be specific to a particular plot. So under spoiler tag it goes.

I understand that Whitey and Sheila have their own issues. But what Whitey and his gang did to Tyler was also a serious case of BULLYING: they tied Tyler up to the crossbars, put a make-up on him ... who knows what would've escalated if Robbie didn't came along? And Whitey did pull out a knife to Robbie -- so what if Whitey decided to use it to Tyler first?!

I was highly unsatisfied with how this problem was dealt because it seemed that everything was switched into the fact that Whitey almost killed Robbie, NOT what they did to Tyler. Moreover, it was somehow forgiven because Whitey only wanted to help his mother, by doing what Sheila wanted (since she promised him to get a lawyer for his Mama. Let me say this again, how about the BULLYING against Tyler because he was gay?! Think of the repercussion!! What happened to Tyler could give that boy a longtime trauma. Seriously!!

I just didn't think things were done enough to deal with the bullying problem. It was like things were swept under the rug -- we saw Tyler back playing with the football team later on, like nothing horrible happened to him. I understand that this is a romantic fiction but this particular case, what Whitey does to Tyler, CAN easily HAPPEN in real life -- think Matthew Shepard. It's very close to real life tragedy, not just a piece of fiction.

So for me, there should be a serious way to deal with it -- and the lack of it made me feel angry.

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It took out just the slight 'okay' feel I had with the book, thus my 2-stars.