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The Ongoing Reformation of Micah Johnson (Sean Kennedy)

The Ongoing Reformation of Micah Johnson (Get Out Book 1) - Sean Kennedy

2.75 rounded up

Basically what my friend, Ari, said in her review. Yes, Micah was snarky but after a sort while, it became exhausting. I enjoy snarky Simon but not so much in Micah, especially with his temper.

Plus I felt like this was a story that I have read before, with the homophobic jocks, closeted athlete, and the (same old) gay slurs *shrugs*. It just didn't bring a lot of excitement in me reading it.

I count this one as a so-so, slightly meh read. But not bad enough to rate it my 2-2.5 stars rating because I still found some parts --when Micah not screwing up, or when Declan didn't crowd the story with his cameo -- to be good. Micah's family, especially his younger brother was AWESOME in all of their scenes.

I guess I prefer reading about adult relationship or adult problem when it comes to contemporary. I didn't feel connected nor caring enough for these teenagers. So I am not really sure if I want to read the next book. We'll see...