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Blown Away (Brenda Rothert)

Blown Away - Brenda Rothert

3.5 stars

I was intrigued with this book mainly because the blurb said "storm-chasing". I am a HUGE fan of the movie Twister (1996) and I thought storm-chaser characters were not exactly abundant in romance.

For the most part, I enjoyed this. It was fast-paced, the writing was quite good, and I liked the whole actions regarding storm-chasing. It was good for the adrenaline. Although it wasn't all action, there was one heartbreaking moment that had to due with an aftermath of a tornado that hit a town, and that felt as real as I could imagine.

I also liked the characters enough. I liked Drew for wanting to try something new, to feel alive after losing her fiancé. She was quite a brave girl this one. I liked Aiden for his true feeling for Drew, even if he pushed her a lot due to the fact that Drew was his deceased best-friend's fiancée. I thought they connected enough and I could believe their relationship. The epilogue in particular, was sweet and making my heart soared.

I wasn't huge fan of the sexual charge of the book though or the fact that Drew had a different thought about Aiden first because Drew saw Aiden doing sex with another girl and she sort of wanted to be that girl. Oh, I know, I know, romance should at least have sexual attraction between the main characters -- it couldn't be avoided. But to me, I liked Drew and Aiden better when they talked about their past, their hopes and dreams, rather than when they were lusting over one another. I couldn't see lust and sex as intimacy -- well, physical intimacy maybe. But I prefer 'emotional' intimacy better, that happened outside of sex scenes.

Conclusion, I enjoyed it but I didn't loved it.


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