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Private Eye (Alyssa Day)

Private Eye (A Tiger's Eye Mystery Book 2) - Alyssa Day

I remembered the first book had that cozy mystery vibe to it, and that it fell onto more of the light spectrum of paranormal fiction, so that was how I approached this sequel. I didn't have any long-term history with Jack as a character because I didn't read Day's Warriors of Poseidon series. So I was good with Tess being the main narrator for this one instead of Jack.

I found this sequel to be highly enjoyable. Just like the first book, it had that light and fun cozy mystery vibe -- think of the earlier Stephanie Plum books maybe, but with shifters and banshee. I found myself chuckling along when I read the crazy situations that Tess found herself into. I LOVED the characters, including the colorful kind of customers coming into Dead End Pawn, Tess' pawnshop, or Tess' family. I missed young Shelley, though.

So yeah, it didn't feel like a very serious mystery or urban fantasy book. There were missing banshees and the villain was a little bit insane, but it didn't felt too edgy for me. It also wasn't highly charged with sexual elements, which I welcome with open arms. Still, there was a progress to Tess and Jake's relationship for those of you who wanted romance. I cannot wait for Tess and Jack to go on that date :)