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Drinker Class X (Sasha L. Miller)

Drinker Class X - Sasha L. Miller

3.5 stars

I loved the whole different take on vampires -- with term like drinkers, as well as the classification of them in the society. This story is written into two parts; first half from Laurence's POV and the second half from Ira's.

I enjoyed Laurence's POV better, maybe because as a reader, I seemed to be with him from the beginning, as he dealt with being a drinker, meeting with Ira, talking in his sessions about what he felt and what he expected to happen.

Ira's part, however, was dramatic but not completely compelling. Maybe because it was caused by something that happened/started years ago; it happened off page and I was being 'told' by Ira rather than experiencing it first hand as a reader. So I didn't empathized with Ira as a character as much as I did Laurence.

All in all, I still thought of this as solid pleasant read.