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Only You (Rachel Lacey)

Only You (Love to the Rescue Book 4) - Rachel Lacey

While I loved getting back to read about Noah (the autistic boy, who is the nephew of T.J. Jameson from book #2), as this story is about Noah's mother and her ex high-school sweetheart, things moved pretty fast for the two.

I realize there is limitation of novella length, but considering this is about second chances, I still wanted to read about some sort of tension between Amy and Luke. They didn't see/talk/communicate with each other for 12 years! Then when he came, Luke just announced that he still wanted to have a serious chance with Amy, basically in the first few chapters? Yeah, didn't impress me much.

I DID love one particular scene about Luke and Noah though -- which involved blood. No, not as gory/scary as you thought it would be!! Clue, Luke is a doctor :). It was a strong scene and I loved every minute of that one.