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How Not to Summon Your True Love (Sasha L. Miller)

How Not to Summon Your True Love - Sasha L. Miller

The promise of an asexual MC is one that lured me into this novella -- in addition that I liked Sasha L. Miller's stories before.

I thought this was cute enough premise. It was refreshing for me, as an asexual, to read about two MCs who don't think about how HOT and SEXY the other person is all the time. Or how they cannot wait to tear each other's clothes and have sex. Instead we had Cy and Dig doing across states road-trip since Cy 'pulled' Dig all the way from Idaho to Pennsylvania, and Dig needed to return to his home state.

Unfortunately, I thought the road-trip part of this story to be slightly missed-potential. I would like to read more about them connecting with each other. Because in the end, Dig was still felt rather undeveloped to me compared to Cy. Then again, maybe they were too busy dodging the people chasing them, and the road trip was not exactly a leisure one *lol*. I did notice the repetitiveness of stopping for gas, which the other reviewers mentioned, and it was rather distracting.

But in overall, I quite liked this. Yay for asexual MC.