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Let It Shine (Alyssa Cole)

Let It Shine - Alyssa B. Cole

3.5 stars

I bought this novella (only $0.99) because 1) It's #DABWAHA 2016 nominee (and have been praised at both SBTB and Dear Author websites -- as both gave this novella A/A- rating) and 2) I've been wanting to try interracial romance in my M/F collection too.

For the most part, I enjoyed this -- as a non-American, I found the background of Freedom Rides and the fight for Civil Rights movement in the 1960's to be well-drawn. This story made me doing some Google browsing, reading about what Freedom Rides all about. I found myself learning things and that is one of the best things about reading, right?

Oh, I also found the fact that Ivan's background as Jewish to be interesting -- since Jewish Americans also suffered from prejudice, and the conflict Ivan felt because his father didn't see why he should sympathize with the movement felt real. I liked the heroine too, Sofronia, her struggle and wanting to stand up for her rights was compelling.

Sofronia and Ivan were wonderful; Ivan was winning my heart left and right though. His feeling towards his Sofie was loud and clear and I believed in him completely.

Having said that, I thought some parts of this novella also felt to be rather glossed over, maybe because of the limitation of the length? I guess I wanted to read more about the relationship too, in addition to the social background. I loved the short story though, it made me a bit teary eyed as well.