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The Night Before Dead (Kelly Meding)

The Night Before Dead (Dreg City Book 6) - Kelly Meding

I have followed Dreg City series since the very beginning. Three years ago, the author decided to go self-published for book #5 since her contract was not continued. Then this year, she released the final book -- which I almost missed out, until I saw a blog post featuring this cover.

I couldn't say much because I always feel sad saying goodbye to characters you enjoy being with, even if only for several hours of your life *sniff*. And I've been with Evy, Wyatt, Marcus, Milo, Kesmet, Phin, and others since 2009. Duly noted the first book wasn't an immediate love at first sight but these characters grew on me.

The only thing that stopped me from giving this more than 4-stars was the part with the climax of them going on against the Fey Queen, well, it didn't end up as 'epic battle' as I wished it would. It was over rather fast, and didn't really worth all those battles that I had to endure in the previous pages.

But all in all, it's a satisfying conclusion of the whole series. I admit I even had tears in my eyes when I reached the happy (yes!) ending. That final moment of Evy and Wyatt, and the three Lupa teenagers, was so beautiful. After all that Evy and Wyatt had been through? They totally deserved it.

PS: The author said that she would revisit these characters in the future. There might even be more stories of Marcus and Milo ... and of course, that makes my M/M romance heart beats a little faster.