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Sleigh Ride (Heidi Cullinan)

Sleigh Ride - Heidi Cullinan

3.5 stars

In my review for the first book, Let It Snow, I said that I would love to see Arthur and Paul ended up with different men. I disliked the idea of them together. Well, I got my wish *lol*.

For the most part, I really liked this. I liked the contradictory of Arthur as character. Arthur, the big red-haired bear, who as actually really romantic and loved kids (the way he took care of Thomas, so sweet!) despite his manly burly stature. And Gabriel, the demigod librarian, who might be snappish and prickly, but boy he had kinky sex wish. So yeah, I liked them. Even if it got pretty lovey dovey, but I was okay with it. At least Gabriel made Arthur worked for it, so it didn't feel like it was instant-love *laugh*

BUT, I couldn't give this more than 3.5 stars because I have very personal quibbles that detract my enjoyment from the book. Not, it wasn't my hatred towards Cullinan's penchant to use excessive endearments (baby, babe, sweetheart, honey, angel, sugar, boy -- seriously all the endearments in the English dictionary maybe), nor the number of sex scenes here. I could work through around those, thankfully.

Okay, like I said, it is personal, so it may not even a blip of issue for others. I will put it under spoiler tag.

It had to do with the story -- or should I say Cullinan, since she is the author -- dealt with the "dolls are not for boys" issue. I felt like it was handled in a very hard-lesson kind of way, almost like I was being preached upon. I didn't like it. I didn't like the fact that such 'lesson' being presented in a blatant kind of way when I read my romance. I prefer soft lesson, so it will actually make me think, and analyze my views of the world.

This though? This is like I am sitting on a class, and the teacher is shouting in front on my face saying "You are messing with kids if you do the separation of toys for boys and dolls for girls thing!!". Okay. I got you. Now stop shouting.

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That particular part just annoyed the heck out of me. Sorry, book.