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In The Company Of Wolves (Paige Tyler)

In the Company of Wolves (SWAT) - Paige Tyler

Another fun fast-paced installment!!

I must say that I was surprised to read how Becker being so sweet to Jayne. I guess I remembered him from the previous two books as sort of the 'clown' within the Pack with him always asking for women to use yoga pants *lol*. But Becker -- I still couldn't think of him as Eric, even if Jayna called him that -- was showing that he was as Alpha as Gage and Xander; especially by going undercover to inflitrate a bunch of scary Albanians gang.

Jayna was another strong heroine -- even though I think she was the youngest heroine so far compared to Mac or Khaki, but she was gutsy. I was impressed with her calmness in handling some of the dangerous situations, like during the Mexican standoffs between the Albanians and the omegas. Also near the end when she proved that she could fight her ass off, even if she wasn't completely embraced her alpha-ness.

The story went outside the SWAT team environment this time; with Jayna having her own pack of betas to protect and Becker going undercover to help her out. So there wasn't a lot SWAT team time. Only Becker's best friend Cooper who had more pages compared to the other SWAT team members. I didn't mind because it was nice to understand more about the werewolves mythology this time around. Paige Tyler finally introduced us to the concept of betas and omegas in addition to the alphas which made the world-built more complex than the previous two. I would love to know more about Tyler's ideas of werewolves in the next book.

By the way, I am happy that the next book will be about Cooper. I expect to see him doing more shirtless cooking!! *lol*