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Hungry Like The Wolf (Paige Tyler)

Hungry Like the Wolf - Paige Tyler

I had to admit that when I started this, I was a little skeptic (yes, I can start a book feeling like that!). The thing is, I usually prefer to take Alpha men in small dosage. I know they're big hit among romance readers, but I tend to think Alpha men are so close of being Assholes. So my preference in romance leans more towards approachable regular men. So I was skeptical on whether I could enjoy a book where all the men were Alphas.

Oh well, Tyler proved me wrong because this was definitely ENJOYABLE. I thought Tyler's writing pulled me in, and the pace of this book was quite fast. Sure, there was a HUGE insta-love relationship (Gage and Mackenzie got engaged in mere days!) alongside the concept of The One, but I still found myself quite entertained. It helped that Mackenzie and Gage did have a wonderful chemistry between them.

I thought Mackenzie was feisty and she showed that she wasn't a damsel in distress, and I loved that from her. Also Gage might be Alpha and protective, but he never came close to being a possessive asshole. In fact, I liked that the way that he handled Mackenzie the 'reporter' in the beginning. He didn't just bulldoze his way around her!

I didn't think the werewolf mythology in this book wasn't clearly explained -- I still wondered about the werewolf DNA (since the werewolves here are born with the dormant DNA rather than being turned). I mean, how is it there originally? Is there a study about it, a scientific research into this foreign DNA? I was curious...

The Pack was great, loved those men. I couldn't wait to see how the other wolves react with their own "The One". I think I am going to keep reading this series.