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Fire Touched (Patricia Briggs)

Fire Touched - Patricia Briggs

It has been a couple of years since the release of Night Broken (book #8 of the Mercedes Thompson series) but I only needed to read a few pages of Fire Touched to remember how much I loved being in this world. The first chapter was light and funny – Mercy is visited by her stepdaughter’s friend’s mother, who tries to sell her magical things – and I was giggling like crazy. Then Mercy and Adam get a call from the police who ask for assistance to handle monster on Cable Bridge, off they go, and that peaceful start went to ashes *lol*

After that, we encountered troll, old faces reappear (Zee! Tad! BABA YAGA!), new characters introduced — one of them, Aiden, who is VERY important to the whole plot and is linked to the title of this book. Mercy and Adam navigate a new threat from the fae who wants Aiden for themselves, a lot of fae politics (it was enough to make my head spin), and several other things. It was fast-paced, page-turning, at one time jaw-dropping (it had to do with Beauclaire showing off his power), and most definitely high entertainment factor all around. I could read 100 more pages of this book and I wouldn’t be at all bored.

I was very much intrigued with Aiden and how he would be immersed with the pack, as well as the Thompson Hauptman family. Considering that he had not been in the human society for such a long time, it would be an interesting adventure I think. I hope to read more about him in the future books.

There were two very important things that I needed to highlight – aside from the brink of war between Columbia Basin pack versus the fae and how it was solved.

One, Adam finally, FINALLY take a stance against his own pack members who keep being disrespectful to Mercy as his mate. It was one thing I wish Adam would copy from Beast Lord Curran (from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series) who never had any problem telling his pack what he will do to them if they are opposing Kate. Not that Mercy couldn’t take care of herself, but Adam let things going on for far too long, like in the previous book with his ex-wife. So yes, I’ll say that it’s about darn time!!

Two, there was a casualty at the end of the book. I am not going to spoil a lot about this, although I will say that it is not exactly a ‘living’ thing. However, it was a quite surprising turn of event. I never thought it would happen because this ‘character’ (I use the term loosely) had been around for quite a while in this series. I will miss this character…

All in all, it’s a solid book (like I have any doubt!) in the Mercedes Thompson series. Look forward for the next book.

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