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Breakaway (Avon Gale)

Breakaway - Avon Gale
3.5 stars

This is a personal thought, I wonder if Gale is a fan fiction author in her other life. I mean, this kind of easiness in story telling, in which some topics (like bisexuality) seem to be written just like <i>it is</i> without heavy on the internal struggle or personal conflicts as well as the fluid sexuality are commonly found in my personal experience reading fan fictions in a couple of fandoms.

In any case, I found Gale's writing pretty charming and 'different'. So yeah, I really liked this...

Mainly I found Lane to be adorable. Yes, he can sound like an asshole, and I wonder if he suffers from Asperger, but as a character he's just charmed me throughout. Sure, after a while, it did feel a little exhausting, but I couldn't help rooting for this weird guy. I also loved Jared very much. As a journeyman, he's very grounded and pretty mature. I liked that he also didn't mull over the fact of Lane being a decade younger.

And the camaraderie among the hockey players is awesome. I highly enjoyed the fact that Lane and Jared are on a different teams (no, not that way, I mean REALLY different hockey teams) which resulted in some fun competitiveness between the two. Oh, and Gale wrote those hockey games wonderfully.

I was a little uncomfortable with the threesome talking though. I like bisexual characters but I'm not yet ready embracing open relationship in my romantic fictions. So the whole flirting about threesome, and for Lane to watch Jared doing with a girl just felt icky.

Disclosure: This book is generously provided by the author to me via a giveaway