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Will and the Valentine Saint (Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon)

Will and the Valentine Saint (Victorian Holiday Hearts Book 2) - Summer Devon, Bonnie Dee

3.5 stars

Follow-up to Simon and the Christmas Spirit -- though can also be read as stand-alone -- this short story featured Christopher's brother, Will.

I really liked Will's personality -- the idea that this young man wanted to be "normal" in a family full of artists and performers was quite enjoyable to read. Although Will still ended up using his 'family connection' to help his employer, but I liked that he had different dreams. Usually we have "normal family" who scoffs when one of the family members is attracted to the entertainment world, so it was nice to read about the other way around.

Hugh was a bit too 'plain' for me compared to Will but he quickly stole my heart as well.

It was a sweet story -- and I liked Will and Hugh's relationship although I kinda wanted the confrontation to last a bit longer? I know, I know, too drama maybe ... but it was just, well, delicious to think about making up sex, right?