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Devin December (Kate McMurray)

Devin December - Kate McMurray

2.5 stars

I wonder if maybe I'm just not in the right mood, or that the author's stories are no longer works for my current reading taste (the last two of hers I read back in 2012 and 2013, I gave them 2.5 stars as well) ... but I didn't like this as much as other readers. Heck, I couldn't even think of this as one of my 'okay' reads.

The premise was nice, I liked the idea of connecting to someone due to being stranded on airport. It SUCKS when it happens in real life, but I imagine it gives a good set-up for two strangers to have long conversation about themselves since they can't really go anywhere. It's like being in small space of road trip, you know? So yes, I liked the premise. And I liked Andy in that beginning too.

But what happened next, I didn't really enjoy. One of my dislikes when it came to romance, gay romance especially, with popular people, is that ultimatum from the love interest: "I hate being your secret, come out or else". I don't know, I just never really like those. Yes, maybe it hurts not being able to be in the public with that person you love. But when you already decide to try the relationship and then demand such thing, it just makes me feel annoyed. It's easy to say that "hey, you need to be brave, why keep lying to yourself, come out as gay, you'll be happier, et cetera, et cetera" ... but the truth is, we will never know when we're not in that person's shoes, won't we?

On top of that, I also didn't connected to Devin as a character. I wish I could sympathize with him, but at the same time, he wasn't that too convincing for me as someone who would actually appreciate Andy.

So yeah, this just didn't work for me, sadly. I just didn't like both characters enough to push this into my 3-stars rating. On that note, maybe I should give up on this author's works for the time being. I just have to admit that my reading preference has chance over the years, and her works just don't cut it.