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Unto Us the Time Has Come (Sean Michael)

Unto Us the Time Has Come - Sean Michael

2.75 stars rounded up

My friend Irene -- who kinda knows what I dislike from a book -- told me that it was 'safe' to read this because it only contained one sex scene. I usually avoid Sean Michael's stories at all costs, because I had perception that they were usually rather cliche or sugary. Bottom line, her stories are just not for me. So ... what do I think of this?

It was okay. It didn't rock my boat or making me want to run immediately to devour all of her other books. Like my friend, Todd said in his own review: "Men. Are. Such. Idiots".

This story still had little too sugary bits for me. Plus I thought everything came a little too easy for the resolution; I mean it was all sorted out because Chris got a job offer that didn't require him to travel ... but what IF that thing didn't happen? Could they still work things out?? I saw it as an easy way out *shrugs*. But at least the men were not really doused in angst and drama; Keen didn't whine with him having to work two jobs, and they were acting pretty nice to one another. It was clear they also still loved another, if only they stop being idiots for few minutes, they could skip the one-year heartbreak.

PS: The daughter's squeal got to my nerves few times; yes, I was grouchy.