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The Professor and the Smuggler (Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon)

The Professor and the Smuggler - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon
Take and steal and have all of me that you want.

First thing that came to my mind when I finished this was … “this is so charming and romantic”. I guess, I immediately fell in love with former professor Phillip Singleton the moment he appeared on the page, tripped and knocked over a menhir that has been raised over thousands of years before. I found Phillip to be so endearing, the way that he was jubilantly talking about his writing a book (with photographs!!), about his camera, about wanting to have an adventure. He was such a darling!

I also found him to be quite surprising … in a sense that he was actually the one who had experience with men. It was a bit of a different set-up for me, because it is usually the blue-collar men who become the ‘teacher’ for the academic (and sometimes virgin) gentleman. Here, however, it was the other way around. On top of that, although I also thought of Phillip as being a romantic with a gentle dreamy heart, he also never pushed for a relationship, even if he longed for it. I loved Phillip so very much. *hugs*

Of course, the rugged Carne Treleaven (can you believe that Phillip thinks of Carne as a DAFFODIL? *laugh mirthlessly*) was also fighting for my heart – I guess I loved him for being protective towards Phillip, even though it started with Carne wanting to stop the former professor from discovering the illegal smuggling activities that were still active at Par Gwynear. I also wholeheartedly enjoyed the process of him taking the important step of embracing the love of another man. It was something new for Carne – before Phillip, he found comfort in the arms of women.

The surrounding place added the nuance to the story – the idea of a town whose people involved in smuggling activities was intriguing, in addition to the danger posed towards Phillip because there were locals who didn’t want him to find out. The romance and the action blends nicely; with two lovable main characters, The Professor and the Smuggler is another winner from Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon for me.



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