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Dragon Consultant (Mell Eight)

Dragon Consultant (Supernatural Consultant Book 1) - Mell Eight

2.5 stars

I really enjoyed the previous Mell Eight's dragon series, however, this one fell short. I like dragons -- and honestly, the kits were the highlights of this novella. I LOVED each and every kits -- Nickel, Chrome, Copper, 'Ron ... and cute adorable little Lumie, with the weird power of his own.

BUT, I thought the background of the story was fuzzy, and I was annoyed with the lack of world-built. I also thought that the romance was bland and felt like an afterthought. Like the author remembered that she should've added romantic relationship between Dane and Mercury. I wasn't annoyed about the lack of smut. I was annoyed with the lack of chemistry. Seriously, there was NO sparks at all between Dane and Mercury, the relationship built was MEH ... It would probably be better for me if the romance was left out altogether for the next book and rather the story could focus on the mystery of who was kidnapping the dragon kits.

So all the stars were for the dragons. The romance, unfortunately, was a failure for me. Having said that, I would still like to read the next story.