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An Ordinary Hero (Therese Woodson)

An Ordinary Hero - Therese Woodson


Well, considering that I've been a fan of Woodson's writing, I really had no problem with it. I found the story to be easily read, especially if you needed something light and quick in between novels. However, if the question is "was I satisfied?", I will say, "nope, not really".

Since this has a paranormal/urban fantasy tone to it, I felt that part was a little under-cooked and fuzzy. I would love to know more about Phillip's ability and how he came to that point. The explanation that he gave Ryan was blurry and I found Ryan's reaction to it to be too accepting.

Also the fact that with Phillip being "the everyday hero", in which he practically starring in his own superhero story line, I also found the lack of media exposure or people's curiosity to record everything Phillip did to be puzzling. Really? Like no one care to make comic strips like "your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man"?

The relationship progress was fine but not too memorable *shrugs*

Bottom line, just an okay book for me, nothing stands out but not exactly bad either.