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Boundary Lines (Melissa F. Olson)

Boundary Lines (Boundary Magic) - Melissa F. Olson

As the aftermath of book #1, where there was a change of leadership in the Boulder vampire coven, it seems that it creates dissatisfaction. Someone is playing around with magic, creating an unrest feeling. Werewolves are getting closer to the boundary. Vampires are missing. And old mythical being resurfaces and starts killing people.

Boundary Lines made me want to read the next story in this series right now; only to realize that it's not even released yet. Damn! I really loved this universe and the cast of characters that Olson created. I felt like I was part of the whole gang, and I hated that I have to say goodbye when the book ended.

I really, really liked Lex. While she has only just been recently discovered her power as boundary witch, Lex is taking all it in with bravery. She doesn't back down, even when she has to deal with horrible personal memories in order to get greater access of her power. Lex also knows how to negotiate with Maven when it is needed, which is pretty dangerous considering that Maven is a lot stronger than Lex.

I enjoyed the friendship between Lex and the sibling witches, Simon and Lily -- as well as the more subtle romance with Quinn.

I can't wait to read what other things that Lex can do now that her power is growing..