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Love Has No Expiration (C.S. Poe)

Love Has No Expiration - C.S. Poe

On one hand, I really enjoy the introduction of characters over 40-years-old in MM romance (in ANY romance, for that matters). On the other, the attitude of "I'm so old, it's over the hill for me" of these characters starting to get in my nerves too. Yes, I can understand that sometimes when facing other people who has more than 10 years age gap, one can feel 'old'. It's a different matter altogether when you keep thinking and acting like it too. There's nothing wrong with being over 40 years old and enjoying what life can give. It's NOT the end of the line.

The old-fuddy-duddy behavior that Daniel was showing here was a downer for me. And I couldn't believe in their relationship. I guess I agree with what my friend, Veronica said, I'll give this couple one year max.