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Wild Rose, Silent Snow (Angel Martinez)

Wild Rose, Silent Snow - Angel Martinez

3.5 stars

Rowan and Snowden are brothers who live in quiet and isolated island. Both had encephalitis when they were four years old and as an outcome, Rowan has agraphia while his older brother Snowden has Broca’s aphasia. Then one day, bear tracks coming near their house ...

Wild Rose, Silent Snow takes inspiration from Grimm's " Snow White and Rose-Red ". I am not familiar with the fairy tale -- though that is what Wikipedia comes in to help (laugh) -- but I thought Ms. Martinez has written a sweet version out of it, complete with magic curses and all.

I admit that the magic part was both the good and bad thing for me. I had no problem with Cade being cursed into a bear -- I found his bear form was sometimes more charming than his human form *laugh* ... but other surreal things, like the sudden appearance of the magic fish felt a little off for me. Maybe I was having a bit of difficulty to switch between common paranormal/shifter idea to magic/fairy tale concept. I mean, I was somehow picturing Cade as a bear in a shifter setting instead of magic setting, you know?

However, I thought the relationship was lovely, and I loved both brothers, as well as Cade and his own brother, Griffin. I kind of wish that Griffin and Snowden get their own story but since this was released three years ago and no update since then, I assume that I have to be satisfied with their romance being a secondary plot in this one.