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A Guy's Thanksgiving (Skylar M. Cates)

A Guy's Thanksgiving (The Guy Series) - Skylar M. Cates

A Guy's Thanksgiving can be considered as an 'update' for all the couples from Cates' The Guy series. Because of that, I really don't recommend this to be read separately.

Among the three couples, the updates were more prominent for Jesse and Aaron (both were going to propose to one another, without the other knowing) as well as Henry and Locke's (who were making the next step in their relationship, adopting a dog). Meanwhile Anthony and Dean were pretty much solid -- I always thought of them as the Alpha couple of this series, maybe because theirs was the one that started everything -- and the update was pretty much Dean must whipped out the Thanksgiving dinner since Anthony was down with flu. It was very domestic of them though, since they were the one who also got several foster kids.

My favorite update would be of Henry and Locke. What can I say, that dog they ended up adopting just tugged my heartstrings. I couldn't help it, my heart went out for the dog, and I was as nervous as both men for the well-being of Apollo.

We did have a new couple -- Mac (Jesse's agent) and Conor, unfortunately the development of their story felt like it was being shoved under all the updates. It was under-cooked -- the whole separation was pretty lame and the reunion rushed. It was a downer because I always love reunion theme in romance. It will probably be different if they have their own novella/novel...

In overall, if you love The Guy series, you might want to get this one too.