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A Fortunate Blizzard (L.C. Chase)

A Fortunate Blizzard - L.C. Chase

For a story that opened with one of the main characters getting the dreadful news that he basically had less than a year to live, I found A Fortunate Blizzard pretty much balanced between the happy (and hopeful) and the angst.

I immediately loved both Trevor and Marcus -- I thought they were very good for one another. The chance meeting of how they met and how they continued with intimate moments during the blizzard were perfect for holiday read. I knew that this would end happily, despite the bleak opening, but I admit that I still felt the dread of what would happen with Trevor. I wanted so badly for Marcus to be the knight in shining armor, to slay the disease that stood as obstacle for them getting their happy ending.

If there were issues that stop this from being a perfect read -- well, for me it would be the sex scenes. This reader doesn't like a lot of sex scenes, okay? For me, the intimate moments, the romantic moments were when the two of them talk. Or when Trevor drew Marcus. Or Trevor preparing breakfast. THOSE were the important moments for me, the moments that emotionally compelled me. Sex is just like garnish -- it might enhance but I don't always need it.

All in all, A Fortunate Blizzard is a beautiful and romantic holiday story that pulls your heartstrings. Best read it in bed and probably prepare a tissue or two to dab your teary eyes.