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Bloom Box (Cate Ashwood)

Bloom Box (Heartsville) - Cate Ashwood

3.25 stars

This is the last Heartsville novella that I read, since I read it based on the order of release date. I though it was a nice low-angst one.

There were few things that could potentially be conflicts commonly found in romance, for example Will and Milo's age gap (Milo was in his early twenties while Will was in his late thirties) or the short return of Will's cheating ex, but Ashwood never brought it up to the drama level. Everything happened pretty smoothly for the two of them. So, yeah, it was nice. I even learned a thing of two about handling a flower shop (including going to the market very early for the flowers!)

I really loved Milo -- I have weaknesses for rambling bubbly youth -- and was curious about Milo because I've "met" him previously on Vaughn's Bookmarked and Brooks' Clique. I was a little bit disappointed because the story came from Will's perspective. However, Milo already knew what he wanted from life (and love) while Will was the one needing to move on, so he had more 'stories' to tell to readers.