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Another Shot (J.H. Knight)

Another Shot (Heartsville) - J.H. Knight

3.5 stars

The third Heartsville story I read -- I read in order of release date -- and my favorite so far. This is also my first J.H. Knight's and it was good.

I genuinely thought that the chemistry between Aaron and Brad was good and the relationship felt more developed than the previous two, despite the similar length. I enjoyed these two characters going on dates, talked about things, just really connected outside the bedroom. Plus it took a little while before we got down into the 'sex' part of the program.

I was sort of expecting a little bit drama in regards to Brad's involvement in outing Aaron's years ago. I guess I thought it would be a very big deal. I mean, as a reader (who read the blurb *lol*) I knew about Brad's secret before Aaron. So I kinda building up something of a bigger climax. Well, Brad was involved but not exactly like what I first thought. So, maybe it didn't match the kind of explosion I had in mind.

But yeah, this was good, I really liked it.