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Marty and the Pilot (Harper Fox)

Marty and the Pilot - Harper Fox

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First of all, thanks to my friend Lada, because otherwise I wouldn't even known that Harper Fox released a new book. That being said, I wasn't completely won over with this one...

The story opened in 2005 (and once again, I refused to think that 2005 was a DECADE ago, all right?!) when Marty and Devlin were still in high school, and when we witnessed how Devlin acting like a jerk and along with his friends pretty much bullied Marty. Even if afterwards Marty helped Devlin (when Marty discovered that Devlin was having heavy seizures). Devlin still acting like an a**. Then fast forward to ten years later, with Marty now a school teacher and Devlin an RAF pilot.

Well, Marty is good enough guy -- I liked that he could stand up for himself (and way to go Marty with landing lord of the manor before being with Devlin!). He didn't exactly let Devlin walked all over him. He could snapped back at Devlin and I liked that. Devlin, on the other hand, was still a douche after all these years. I was having problem to being 100% on board with him. He still was a bully -- his friends were annoying and I thought Marty could do better than Devlin, even if the sex was great (*snicker*).

However, my biggest obstacle was this. I found it HARD to believe that Devlin could keep his secret (of having epilepsy) from Royal Air Force for years. YEARS. That just didn't work for me. Especially because Devlin clearly chose to keep it a secret WHICH by itself showed how reckless he was. His job wasn't exactly a no-risk job, he didn't work behind a desk. He endangered himself, his RAF team mates, and other people. This and him behaving like a jerk surely didn't help him win me over.

I also wasn't sure about the later drama involving Marty (that he was accused of abusing one of his students, simply because Devlin's team mate slash ex was jealous of him). But whatever...