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Playing With Fire (Kate Meader)

Playing with Fire (Hot In Chicago series Book 2) - Kate Meader

I have been intrigued with Alex and Eli’s book after reading them in Flirting with Fire. Probably because they’re not the type of ‘common’ heroes and heroines I read lately.

Eli is, well, a borderline chauvinist male. Some of his thoughts about females, especially those working in strenuous and demanding jobs like firefighters, would probably boil my blood if I heard it in real life. While Alex is a spitfire, stubborn, impulsive, with a mouth that curses like sailors. They are not usual … in fact, I don’t think I’ve read couples like them before.

Their romance dynamic I could only describe as pigtail-pulling on steroids. But because of that, they are both pretty entertaining. The way that Eli manipulates the fake dating with Alex, or how Alex makes Eli work on it, well, it was fun to read. I couldn’t guess what would come out of their mouth, that’s for sure, and usually it just made my eyes go wide and pulled chuckles out of my throat.

The climax before the end that brought the two of them together felt rather like coming out of left field though. It was never really clued in before and for me it was a little bit too forced for a grand gesture.

In the end, I think both characters were too crude for me to wholeheartedly enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, they are perfect for each other. Eli would be terribly bored with a goody-two-shoes woman anyway while Alex will crush any man who can’t stand up to her. However, I imagine in real life, they are probably going to be a couple that I just like to see from a distance. Which is why while this is good and entertaining, but not one that I adore.


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