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One Right Thing (Matthew Iden)

One Right Thing (A Marty Singer Mystery Book 3) - Matthew Iden
"There’s going to be another time when you’ll wonder if you got it in you to do the right thing. You gonna be up for it?”

This is the third installment of Marty Singer mysteries -- and only within few days, and three books in, I already know that this will be a series I follow religiously. Marty is driving on Virginia’s Route 29, when he sees a billboard not far from Cain's Crossing, with a sign "J.D. HOPE WAS MURDERED ON MAY 6TH. DO YOU KNOW WHY?". The sign causes him to stop and calls the number on the sign. Because Marty knew J.D. Hope. Twenty years ago, he arrested Hope for murder in D.C. And so the story begins...

Some people lose their night sleep because they're reading a great book. For me, though, I have a very strict sleeping time. I rarely sleep late even if I am in the middle of reading a good book. Instead, it is when I 'sacrifice' my shut-eye during morning commute, when I can't keep my eyes off my Kindle when I am standing/sitting on a train or a bus, THAT is when I know that I'm in a company of a special book.

That's what happened to me when I read One Right Thing . It is another solid entry of the series and simply the best yet.

Marty's health issue is one element that draws me into this series in the beginning. A former detective fighting cancer is not something I stumble upon often. It also humanizes Marty as someone facing a grave illness and knowing his own limitation when working a case.

Interestingly, Marty's health issue now resides to the background. After having successful surgery, Marty is in remission. While it should've eliminate the unique element of Marty's situation, it actually strengthen the story line here somewhat. Being in remission enables Marty to be more focused, to be more relentless, in trying to gather information, to ask people around even when he is being stonewalled by Hope's family, Hope's wife, as well as Local PD. Heck, Marty is even able to give one-two ass-kicking lessons to a couple of bad guys.

This creates a very smooth flow between the investigation and action. I could guess what drives Marty to try finding out who murders Hope, to do that one right thing, and that what makes the answer of the murder as the 'punch-in-the-gut' revelation. It sure will stay with me for a longer time. This is an ending to remember, and elevated the whole story to my 5-stars level.

In addition, Matthew Iden provides several twists and turns that make the case more complex than simply a murder of a local crook. There are other things in play within the small town of Cain's Crossing, and one development made my eyes go wide and I muttered, "Oh, shit".

Bottom line, One Right Thing is a very well-written, intelligent, and one of my most satisfying reads of the year. I am so happy that I discover this series and I look forward to reading more Marty Singer books in the future (and I will, I already have book #4 and #5 with me).

PS: While the book is provided for free, I immediately clicked the buy button after I finished this. Because a book this good, I need to spend money for the author. If you don't believe me, here's the proof or purchase

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