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To Love A Traitor (JL Merrow)

To Love a Traitor - J.L. Merrow

George Johnson (née Roger “Conchie” Cottingham) moves to a rented London lodging to find out whether Matthew Connaught, one of the renters, is responsible for the death of George's older brother. As a premise, I thought this was pretty appealing. It had potential of internal (and external) conflict, no matter what George finds out, especially since Matthew comes as a likable guy with his sunny disposition.

Unfortunately, I felt that the story just stuck in flat ground -- the 'investigation is rather non-existent, and when it is resolved (pretty much near the end), it is wrapped up really quickly. My reaction to that was, "Really? That's it?". It felt dragging (seriously, all those letters back and forth between George and his deceased brother's fiancée?? I could do without those)

I did learn few things about England in 1920s including those of conscientious objectors. That part is interesting. The rest though? Just 'okay' but not great.