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Dream Stalkers (Tim Waggoner)

Dream Stalkers - Tim Waggoner

In the sequel of Night Terrors, what started as investigation of a new drug -- Shut-Eye -- that said could forced both Incubi and their Ideators to sleep, brought Audra and Jinx to a more complicated plan as The Wakenist is planning to wake up First Dreamer in order to take control of reality on both Earth and Nod...

I loved this book -- I still thought Waggoner's world built was unique and engaging. I loved all of the characters that he created, including the villains. The journey to the climax had a foreboding sense to it, there was a scene or two that gave clues about what had been going on if you pay attention, especially involving the Wakenist's plan. But I thought the idea that everything, including the Earth's reality was actually just part of the dream of the First Dreamer was still surprising, and probably change the course of what I knew about everything.

Unlike the first book, there were notable casualties here, for new characters that I already started to love (*sad face*). Some character's fate also hang in a balance and I guess I wouldn't know about it until Mr. Waggoner informs everyone if there would be book #3. But if there isn't, I guess the ending of this book is okay enough for me.

In the end, all I could say is this. Man, how I will miss Jinx the psychotic clown (and I couldn't believe I would say that!).