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Geeking Out On 11C

Geeking Out on 11C - L.L. Bucknor

3.5 stars

If you haven't read Rosa, really's review for this one, you MUST. Go there. Read it.

I thought this was ADORABLE. Ed won major points for me, for being geeky, and socially inept, and having goldfish named Atari (oh, he used to have two, but Atari ate Sega *lol*). I always love it when the younger man is the one doing the chasing. So Mateo, with all his handsome glory and his youthful positivity, who just barged into Ed's barriers, made me cheered for him to get his man. The humor fit me and I had to smile reading some of the things that came out from Ed's mouth, including the miscommunication when Ed was drunk :p

I'm not liking the whole "E" thing though. Somehow it just made me think of Ecstasy (my weird brain was getting at me again)

Thanks Katharina for bringing this to my timeline; because I missed it last year.