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Blonde Date (Sarina Bowen)

Blonde Date: An Ivy Years Novella (The Ivy Years 2.5) - Sarina Bowen

I rarely use the term "book boyfriend". But when I read this novella, I know that I wanted Andrew Isaac Baschnagel as my book boyfriend!! Gosh, I loved that young man!

Andy first appeared in Bridger & Scarlet's book, The Year We Hid Away. He's Bridger's next door neighbor. He charmed me immediately because he was kind and very helpful to Bridger. Katie Vickery also appeared in the same book, one of Scarlet's roommates, better known as Blondie Katie. I didn't get much of impression from Katie in that book. Everything I knew about her was pretty much superficial.

Let's just say that Andy won my heart completely in this one. I think all of my stars rating are for him. He's just adorable and loveable. I loved Andy's relationship with his older sister (seriously, chapter one alone, where he asks her for clothing advice, totally charming). I loved how Andy tries to find a 'game trick' to help Katie to forget her bad time with her ex. It is witty game!!

And their sex is kinda fun ... I mean, Ms. Bowen wrote two completely different perspectives during the sex and it was making me giggling quite a bit. Andy is more short sentences, cannot really think of much else. While Katie is more poetic.

For example

Oh. Oh yeah.
Oh boy.
Wow. Good. Too good. Red zone, here.
Quick! Picture Mrs. Dunlop’s neck. Warty 5th grade teacher to the rescue!
Okay. I’ve got this. Except… Oh my God. Oh… wow. Just… so sexy. So sexy. I’ve never made anyone moan before. Oh, that sound. Oh, hell. It’s coming, and it’s going to be good.

The look on your face
Sweet and intense
Shreds my heart
Now I’m tilting fast
And spinning hard
All of me
Is lost to you

It is kind of unique!!

The story happens pretty much on one night, meaning that Andy and Katie have sex exactly that night after several hours being together. But it doesn't bother me much because the sex happens in the end, after they are connecting, PLUS it's not like these two are declaring love forever and ever afterwards.

One more thing ... Ms. Bowen added a very intriguing epilogue. I wonder if that means that she will write the villain as the hero for the next book (Bella's book) and will it be a story of redemption. Whatever the case, I will be on train for that one.