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The Year We Fell Down (Sarina Bowen)

The Year We Fell Down - Sarina Bowen
Don't you hate it when a book is going so well but then it gets because a character just acts like a douchebag?

Yep, this was what happened with me when I read this book! I enjoyed the first half ... I thought Corey was really cool. She suffered from a spinal injury cord after a hockey incident which left her in wheelchair. Corey might think that she was whiny over the whole thing, the way that she hated to ask for help for example, but I never thought of her like so. She used to be so independent, so I could understand her not wanting to be seen as a cripple.

I still thought Corey had the spitfire; I loved her when she decided to join the water polo and killing it. Oh, and I also loved her roommate, Dana. She was an awesome friend!!

What failed me in this book was the guy. Argh, the guy!!

See, in the beginning, Corey and Hartley were in the friends-zone ... because Hartley still had a girlfriend. The girlfriend might be a bitch, who probably screwing other men when she was traveling to Europe while Hartley stuck back in the U.S., also with a broken leg. But heck, at that time, I only thought Hartley as being an idiot, and I wished he would see how good Corey was for him, and that he could dump his girlfriend.

THEN, the half-part happened ... so Hartley gave Corey a vibrator, and when on his birthday her girlfriend couldn't make it, Hartley pretty much doing 3rd base with Corey. But after that, Hartley didn't immediately dump his girlfriend. Oh, no, he still kept her, still kissed her in front of Corey -- making Corey a bit heartbroken. Not until Hartley saw Corey with another guy (who was only a friend) and being involved in a new activity without him, then Hartley thought, "Gosh, I made a mistake of staying with my girlfriend".

I mean, Hartley, please!! You practically thinking about Corey WHEN your girlfriend was giving you a blowjob!!

On top of that, Hartley's reason for being with his rich girlfriend was because of his daddy issue -- his rich dad who left his mom. "See dad, you're rich, you left me and Mom, so I have a rich girlfriend too now". But he only THOUGHT of it, because clearly, he was also too chickens*it to confront his dad.

So all of my 3-stars are for Corey, because that girl deserves it. Although I wish she ends up with someone else because Hartley can be kicked on the gonads by her brother and just die for all I care.