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The Best Man (Kristan Higgins)

The Best Man - Kristan Higgins

2.5 stars


I definitely had issues which reduced my reading experience. Now, the good thing was ... it had all the element of small town romance, heck down to the meddling secondary characters.


BUT, I felt that the romance was a bit lacking. For enemies-to-lovers theme to work, I need proofs that the animosity can change. Here, I just felt that both Faith and Levi spent more time with other people than being together and in love. I mean, how can I believe in them, when on pages, it seemed that I kept being reminded that Faith's true love was her ex, Jeremy?


Levi was a bit too cold and too stubborn and too, I dunno, not a likable character for me to root for. And Faith? Gah, I needed a girl with more spine! Plus it seemed that her whole world focused on her getting married with the perfect guy.


And then ... there was the humor. I'm sorry but I found it VERY offensive. I didn't get the whole 'gay' humor thing. I was pissed with the use of trans* character as a source of amusement. And the whole attitude of Levi being able to give Faith the great sex because "he's straight" was plain rude. I felt like Levi thought Faith never know what sex was, because her only experience was with gay man. Like gay man couldn't give any satisfaction compared to straight man. That whole issue made me see red.


I was going to give this 3-stars because I did finish it and well, some parts were just okay. But when I wrote this, I realized that I was angry and disappointed with the gay and trans* humor, so I decided to knock down the stars. It didn't deserve my 3* because all I could remember in the end was resentment.



PS: I read sample of the 2nd book. Decided NOT to continue with this series. The whole idea that a woman being above 35 years old = an old spinster and time to get the baby project was one reason that makes me run far far away from M/F CR in the first place. Since I'm still in the mood for M/F CR, I'd better run before it get ruined.