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Only With You (Lauren Layne)

Only with You - Lauren Layne

3.5 stars

This is the first book of Lauren Layne that I read -- I noticed few of my friends have read her "Sex, Love & Stiletto" series and seemed to like those.

The idea of Gray mistaking Sophie as prostitute in Vegas and somehow in fortuitous happenstance kind of way (which only happens in romance fiction, haha) ends up being Sophie's boss (in Seattle!) is fun. It feels like those Harlequin books I read when I was in my late teens, with the hero being cold and stand-offish and the heroine is ready to bring some colors into his life.

While in overall, I can say that I enjoy this -- and yes, some of the scenes are GREAT and I get that tug in my heart, unfortunately I think Gray is too cold of a character. Usually in this kind of set-up, the hero would ends up being warmer and gentler to the heroine; but here I feel like Gray still sees Sophie as a rather 'trashy' girl. Maybe I just don't get the whole 'hooker' or 'harlot' humor. I also wish that Sophie is feistier, that she just doesn't give in with Gray's love declaration. Seriously, Sophie, you need to make Gray grovels a little bit more!

I do like that tidbits of clues about Sophie's sister Brynn and Sophie's best friend, Will. I think it'll be an interesting read. Can't wait for the sequel.



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