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Stay With Me (S.E. Harmon)

Stay With Me - S.E. Harmon

I think whether readers can enjoy or not will come down to how readers take Mac’s voice since this story is written in 1st person. Readers might find Mac amusing or exhausting (remember Chandler from the 90’s TV series, Friends?).

Truthfully, I quite enjoyed Mac’s narration. His snark and humor – which sometimes I think is his defense mechanism, to protect himself from being hurt – fits with my taste. It makes the story rather light in tone, even if digging deeper below the surface, Mac actually has quite an issue. Since his mother left his family, Mac seems to have convinced himself that every relationship is bound to fail and it makes him reluctant to trust people.

I am a bit unsure about Jordan, though. The thing is, no matter how I see it, Jordan keeps pushing Mac’s boundaries, when he clearly still engaged with Rachel. Jordan kept saying he wanted to be friends, even if he knew that Mac was attracted to him, and at the same time, he still has a girlfriend. So I am not comfortable with that kind of situation. His mixed signals surely grate on my nerves. Besides, I couldn't remember the scenes where Jordan clearly told Mac that he broke things off with Rachel, before they did their sexual intercourse. Or did I miss it somehow.

I find the resolution of Jordan and Rachel’s situation to be quite ‘lazy’ – Rachel apparently cheated before Jordan did his own thing with Mac – one that makes me roll my eyes and think “of course it goes that way, it’s too easy”.

I do like the secondary characters surrounding Mac and Jordan’s life. I especially LOVE Mac’s younger brother and father. Especially his father. Mac’s father rocks.

Overall, I enjoyed it quite nicely, mainly due to Mac’s voice. Even if the situations made me feel uncomfortable.