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Liam Davis & The Raven (Anyta Sunday)

Liam Davis & The Raven - Anyta Sunday

I love stories that are not mainly about romance but about friendship as well -- and this latest from Anyta Sunday (also 4th story I read from her) just fits the bill. It's definitely a home turf of Ms. Sunday.

Liam Davis is frustratingly adorable :). He's socially awkward -- being too blunt and honest when it comes to other people -- but he's passionate when it comes to his job. He's determined to get the position as feature editor at Scribe so he could score an internship in his father's newspaper. I find this as quite sad, actually, Liam just wants his father to pay attention to him.

But the source of my amusement is when it comes to Liam dealing with others. Like I said, he is frustratingly adorable. Liam blurts things exactly as he sees it. I mean, he actually checks his calendar and weigh up the pros and cons of dating (poor Hannah *LOL*). AND the fact that he actually "schedule in his masturbation time at the shower while thinking of his article"?? That is just GOLD! *LOL*

I wholeheartedly enjoy the journey of Liam finding out that there are things more important than the job. Thanks to three new friends, Quinn, Shannon, and Hunter -- I adore Hunter too, he definitely helps 'breaking' Liam with his positive attitude.

You’ve only got one life, and I want to make the most of mine. I’m not saying sometimes life doesn’t fucking suck, but I choose to focus on good stuff. That’s the guy I want to be.”

I like the romance -- it takes its time and it starts with friendship (and Quinn is so much better than cat *lol*). I like Liam's taking the fact that he is leaning towards men without getting to angst and confused about it. In fact, he sounds so scientific *LOL*

As for the 'mystery' of finding out who the Raven is, I figure it out after one particular scene. I think it's smart and totally believable given the background of the Raven.

All in all, I am thoroughly entertained by this. Now when will we have the story of the pretty boy with foul mouth and the charming different-able boy, Anyta?