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Heart of Iron (Bec McMaster)

Heart of Iron - Bec McMaster

I seem to have soft spot for brooding heroes -- and Will Carver, Beast of Whitechapel, fits that perfectly. Plus he's a verwulvenand I love me some shifters :). 

Unlike book #1 -- which I needed time to get the hang of it, I was immediately withdrawn to the story in Heart of Iron like a moth to a flame. It had elements that were my weakness: unresolved sexual tension between Will and Lena (especially after I read that short story "Lena's Decision"), a protective Alpha who couldn't seem to see his own worth (Will always sees his loupe virus as curse), and strong determined heroine who kicked ass. 

I thought Will and Lena complimented one another perfectly. One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Lena got infected with the loupe virus and Will refused to leave her side. It was both heartbreaking and intense.

Aside from this, Ms. McMaster also introduced a new twist in the arc -- introducing new players -- humanist organization with their own freedom agenda: an equal voice between human and the Echelon as well as verwulven clan from Scandinavia who came to England to sign treaty as a preemptive move against threat coming France. It was complex and intriguing and I LOVED every minute of it!! 

So the combination of thrill, action, and romance made this an IMPRESSIVE read. I couldn't get enough of this world -- especially knowing who would be the star couple of the third book. I thought the revolution with the humanist organization brought this series into new territory and I would love to read how it turned out. 

On that note, I got my 5-stars read!!! *hugs book* 


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