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Vampire Prince (S.J. Frost)

Vampire Prince - S.J. Frost

Definitely NOT what I expected when I saw the words “blood slave” LOL.

All right, the book was not without flaws – which I will mention later – but sometimes, I need a book that is light and easy. I was a bit weary approaching this, due to the words “blood slave, giving his blood and body to vampires” on the blurb. I was not in the mood for a dark story. But some of my friends’ reviews made me decide to jump on it.

Well, it turned out that this story was sweet. Yep. Sweet. Not exactly what I imagined from the blurb *haha*. While Sebastian did start as a prisoner, his ‘bad life’ happened off screen, before the story started. Once he met Valentine, it was clear that this vampire prince would take him out of his prison. Yes, there was a case of instant attraction – and quick progress of falling in love followed by the mushy romance … but somehow the easiness of S.J. Frost’s writing made the story enjoyable.

The secondary characters were really fun to read as well – Basil (Valentine’s cousin) and an amusing demon named Sal, along with his alligator pet, Beezle. These characters raked up the entertainment factor. So yes, it was smooth and practically no significant issues that added to the thrill (well, there was one with Sebastian’s master, but it was also solved rather quickly) but again, it was what I needed.

Or maybe I was in a good mood.

I did feel the plan to separate Sebastian from Valentine as rather silly. I wouldn’t spoil it, but I just thought it was a very poor plan, and the fact that Sebastian fell for it, well, that was just stupidity on his part (or a lazy plot from the author).

I really hope that there will be two more stories. Maybe Sal and his witchy poo and Basil with Malcolm? Because I was feeling delicious tension there near the end for Basil and Malcolm.