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When the Bough Breaks (Jonathan Kellerman)

When the Bough Breaks (Alex Delaware #1) - Jonathan Kellerman


I like mystery books -- my childhood was filled with reading Agatha Christie and Famous Five. So mystery detective has always been close to my heart -- even after I found the glory of romance novels. Having said that, I admit that I don't follow a LOT of mystery books. I practically only read a couple of authors: Connelly, Crais, Deaver, Lehane ...

Jonathan Kellerman's "Alex Delaware" has always been that series that stays in my periphery. I know it's there but I am always reluctant to start reading because there are already more than 20+ books in the series. Until Kate mentioned it to me -- and brought up the gay cop sidekick -- and I thought, all right, let's just give the first book a try.


The story took awhile to take off. Probably because unlike those series I follow, Alex Delaware wasn't a detective. He was a child psychologist. He actually retired at the age of 32 because he was burnt out -- before an LAPD Cop, Milo Sturgis, asked him for help. Then the story took twists and turns and it became more complicated than just a case of double homicides.

What I admired from Alex was his compassion to his patients. And when these things bother him, he wouldn't let go. It was actually kind of refreshing, Alex being a civilian, who could move around the case without limitation of the police department politics. I also thought Alex as brilliant amateur investigator, connecting clues, while using his understanding of human nature to get his answers. AND, I loved that Alex was willing to act aggressively if needed (

although, Alex's lack of guilt when he killed that vicious dog did BOTHER me

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The plot itself might be cliché -- but I wholeheartedly agree with this reviewer. A plot that has been overly used at PRESENT time might not be the case almost 30 years ago. I thought the issues presented in this book is still in accordance with current social issues. You definitely could still find it in the news.

All in all, it was a VERY engaging read with a ending paragraphs that made my jaw dropped (

I mean, Milo KILLED that judge??!?

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). I definitely would like to read the next books.

Meaning that I have at least 28 books to catch up. If I need roughly 4 hours to read the novel, that means I would need at least 6720 hours... Good luck ME!