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Don't Let Go (Harper Fox)

Don't Let Go - Harper Fox

In this third installment of "Tyack & Frayne" series, Gideon gets himself stabbed and ends up with serious injury. Gideon can't go on active duty until he is completely healed -- with physio treatment and surgery. But when he finds out that Lee is distracted by events from the past, while doing his job covering a Celtic Festival at a Fogou near his home, Gideon can't stop himself to go after Lee...


Lee and Gideon have slowly (and steadily) become an established couple whose stories I love to read. Their relationship is so, SO lovely. Their intimacy is tender and quiet and soothing. I love their personalities and reading about them together, even if they quarrel, somehow calms me. Gideon is a protector through and through and I love how he marches on, to be on Lee's side, to ensure that nothing harms his lover.

The mystery/supernatural element in this story is related to Lee's past and a secret that his father has kept from him. It also relates to the 'monster' that keeps 'attacking' Lee's mind (you need to read book 1 and 2 to get what I mean by it). I admit that this part feels rather choppy, it confuses me a bit, especially with the dream that Gideon has ... but I DO like the resolution that comes out of it. I feel like I get to know more about Lee's family, and that is always welcome.

Oh, and another thing that I truly LOVE here? The relationship between Gideon and his brother, Ezekiel. I already said in my review for book #2, how I appreciate that Ezekiel is more than meets the eye. It's a different take on a character with strong faith on Christianity and happens to have a gay little brother. I would love to read more of Gideon and Ezekiel too.

All in all, despite my struggling a bit with the mystery/supernatural element, it's another satisfying story of Tyack & Frayne. Hope there is more to them in the future...