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With Silent Scream (Steve McHugh)

With Silent Screams - Steve McHugh

Nate Garrett returned!!!

I loved this series; was happy when I stumbled into it by chance. It was fast-paced and entertaining. This book brought up the gory factor. The villains were vicious. The horror that they brought upon the victims were insane. Although I couldn't help to get pretty excited over it (I sound insane myself, don't I?) because it gave reason for Nate to go rampage over the villain...

As always, this book has historical flashbacks (although this one was set in more contemporary time, it was Maine 1977), in which the mystery/story line was closely linked to the murders that Nate was facing now. It wasn't as complicated though, because the time span was shorter, so it was clear that the villain from 1977 was the same with the one in 2014. However, there was still a couple of twist and Nate only found out the reason behind the murders now.

I'm sad that Tommy didn't return ... but maybe this was how the series go? It seems that in each book, Nate has a new ally. This time, he had an FBI agent (an alchemist FBI agent) who helped him tracking the murderer. There was a twist on her background too, which I liked. I was a bit disappointed that Nate being Hellequin wasn't further explored though.

Despite the complaints, I was still highly entertained. I can't wait to read book #4!