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The Memory Of Death (Trent Jamieson)

The Memory of Death - Trent Jamieson


After pondering this novella for a day, I decided to give it 3-stars and NOT continuing the series.

I am not saying that this is a bad story but I think my biggest issue is that the original works are called "Trilogy"; and as much as the ending of the third book being heartbreaking, I thought it was amazing (I 5-starred that one) and it left deep impact.

So in that sense, I had say 'Goodbye' to Steven de Selby, his friends and to this world of Death. I admitted that I picked this novella up because of curiosity, but probably because I already let this world go, it was weird reading about Steven's return. Not to mention that the way this story was constructed -- with a couple of different perspectives (

including two Steven's ... yep, apparently there were more than ONE Steven who returned

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), I got headaches.

I think this might be a set-up for continuing the series;

since Steven got a new job and a new boss now that he returned from the dead

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. But like I said, I already said my goodbye to this world 2.5 years ago. I think I prefer to keep it that way.