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Infamous Reign: A Hellequin Novella

Infamous Reign: A Hellequin Novella - Steve McHugh

I discovered Hellequin Chronicles series earlier this year on a whim ... and it ended up as one of an enjoyable urban fantasy series, with male protagonists, I've read so far.

This novella -- unlike the novels, which usually take place between the present and past -- solely set in the past. It was September 1483, and Nathaniel "Hellequin" Garrett visited King Richard III of England after two princes, Edward and Richard, had vanished after being placed in his custody.

I didn't know much about the history (hey, I'm not British!) but it was fun reading how Nate -- and his best friend slash werewolf, Thomas, who was also part of the first two novels -- tracked down the missing princes. They must fight against Japanese half-spider-half-human monster, Jorogumo, asking for help from a water summoner who then called a Leviathan, and faced an old foe (who appeared in book 1).

As a novella, it was quite fast paced, filled with action. Nate and Thomas might win against their opponents too quickly, but again, it was novella length -- so I still found it highly entertaining. I can't wait for book 3!